Cohagan Engineering’s roots go back to 2003 when Brent Cohagan started offering Mechanical CAD Design services from his home office, Equipped with Alibre Design Professional 9, a Dell Workstation and a 24” Plotter work quickly started to come in.

 In Mid 2005, Mr. Cohagan started offering Manufacturing Engineering and Government Contracting Services to local machine shops and manufacturers in South Florida. The business continued to expand when in 2008, Mr. Cohagan decided to not only to provide Manufacturing Consultation services but also offer Machining. So in March of 2008, Cohagan Engineering was incorporated. A manual lathe and a CNC Bed Mill were purchased and moved into a 160 square foot shed at Mr. Cohagan house next to his home office.

The machining side of the business took of at a rapid pace, so much so that the confines of the small shed proved too small, even with just offering 1-2 piece prototype machining. So in 2009, Cohagan Engineering moved to a small 500 square foot industrial bay in Lake Park. The machining work load continued to grow so Mr. Cohagan contacted his old CNC Machinist friend, Traver Maselli to assist with the machining workload. Mr. Maselli and Mr. Cohagan became a well versed team and decided to become business partners. Later in 2009 they purchased another CNC Bed mill as well as the manufacturing assets of a machine shop in Stuart, Fl.

Once again Cohagan Engineering found itself requiring more room, so in 2011 Mr. Maselli and Mr. Cohagan moved the shop to 5307 East ave Bay #16. This move gave CEI 1200 square feet which was much larger than the old shop. Business continued to flourish and CEI continued to expand. In late 2011, CEI purchased 1 used CNC Mill, 2 used CNC Lathes, as well as a full assortment of manual machines and equipment from another local machine shop. With the newly added equipment the business continued to grow and prosper.

In November of 2011, the partners decided to once again expand taken on Bay #17 and adding another 1200 square feet to Cohagan Engineering. By the end of the first quarter of 2012, Mr. Maselli and Mr. Cohagan found themselves in another predicament, the need for another CNC Mill. So they purchased a Haas VF-3 to help with the work load.
To further add to our expansion Cohagan Engineering, Inc received Pratt and Whitney vendor approval in January 2012.  

By September of 2012, Cohagan Engineering, Once again ran out of room. The owners decided to move to it’s current location, Bays 6,7 and 8 of the 5307 East avenue building which now offers 4600 Square feet of manufacturing and engineering space.

As such, Cohagan Engineering is:

Unique, Enthusiastic and On The Move


Cohagan Engineering is a small business incorporated in the State of Florida in May of 2008.

  • Brent Cohagan - President
  • Traver Maselli - Vice President

What makes CEI unique is the industry knowledge of its principals, the data capabilities of CEI in terms of Technical data on file, and it's unique International Divisional Capabitlity.

Since it's inception in 2008 Cohagan Engineering has grown to be an internationally known and respected supplier of Precision Aeropsace Machining, Aeropsace and Military tooling, International Aerospace Supply and International Industrial Supply.

Cohagan Engineering, Inc.
5307 East Avenue
Suite 6
West Palm Beach, Fl 33407

561-842-7779 Phone
561-828-2365 Fax