Research and Development Center – West Palm Beach

CEI R/D Center was established to assist local entrepreneurs, inventors and small business with Product Development, Prototyping, and Mechanical Design. Located in Northern West Palm Beach, the center houses a full cnc machine shop as well as skilled mechanical designers, mechanical engineers and machinists to assist with product development and prototyping.

CEI is a small highly efficient low overhead precision machine shop able to meet customer and market conditions on a moment notice. Allowing the research and development of new products for a variety of industries.

The Research and Development center services include:

CAD Design

Using state of the art Computer Aided Drafting software, Cohagan Engineering creates a digital prototype of your product. In the initial Research and Development phase key issues are analyses and corrected digitally eliminating the trail and error prototyping phase. Once the initial design is finalized Manufacturing drawings are produced so that a working prototype can be manufactured in the CNC Machine shop.

Mechanical Engineering

Material Selection based on requirements, Stress and Strain calculations, Finite Element Analysis, and other ME calculations required per project to determine the safety and design requirements of the product.

Manufacturing Engineering

Process Planning – Manufacturing (Op) sequencing, Cutting tool application, Fixture Layout, Subbed Services planning, Production planning.

Cycle Time Reduction – Current part production optimization, Increase machine tool utilization by 30%.

Fixture Design – Difficult, Hard to machine parts

For more information on Cohagan Engineering's Research and Development Center please call 561-596-4909.