Reverse Engineering is one of the many areas of specialty here at Cohagan Engineering, Inc. We use a variety of Tools, Techniques and Software to Reverse Engineer any type of Mechanical Component or assembly.  

Reverse Engineering Techniques:

Manual Reverse Engineering involves using dial calipers, micrometers, height gages, Rockwell testers and other inspection tools and equipment to manual reverse engineer a part.

CMM Reverse Engineering involves using a coordinate measuring machine and taking cloud points or dimensional points of a part or assembly and transferring the data into CAD software package to create a solid model.

Laser Scanned Reverse Engineering involves placing the part into a laser scanner platform and revolving the part 360 degrees while a laser picks up the cloud points and imports them into a CAD system creating a solid model.

Reverse engineering is well suited for:

Automotive restorations- Carburetors, Transmission Components and Gears, Differential Components and gears, Superchargers, Turbochargers

Museum Restorations – Restoration of World War II Main Battle Tanks, Aircraft, Field Artillery and more, as well as restoration work on Antique and Rare Mechanical Assemblies and components

Obsolete Machinery Repair – Machine Tools have been manufactured from the late 1800’s to today, with many manufacturers selling off product lines, closing divisions or worse, going out of business. Keeping your factory running with broken machinery presents any business owner with a set of problems that are not contusive to business. From Shafts and Gears to complete assemblies our reverse engineering services can get you back into production. 

Military/ Defense Obsolete replacement – The Government purchases millions of NSN numbers. Some are Sole Source while others are open bid with suppliers unable to manufacture certain items and components due to age or companies going out of business. Reverse Engineering of Old, Outdated, Lost or No source of supply items is easily obtained using Cohagan Engineering’s Reverse Engineering services

Aircraft Restorations- Since the Wright brothers first flew over North Carolina in 1902 there have been numerous Aircraft manufacturers that have come and gone. If you are restoring such aircraft the need to reverse engineer components is almost unforeseeable.

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