Cohagan Engineering's CNC Milling department can meet and exceed all of your cnc milling requirements. From simple 2D Milling to Complex 3D surfacing our state of the art CNC Mills can handle your requirements.We can provide 2D Milling, 3D Milling, and 4th axis Milling capabilities. Cohagan Engineering CNC Milling department is never constrained by the complexity of your parts.

 Our CNC Milling deaprtment can machine any Machinable material including but not limited to Stainless Steels, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Delrin, ABS, G10, Polycorbonate and Nylon. As well as Exotic materials such as Inconel, Titanium and 440C Stainless Steel.

Equipment List:

Qty: 1  Haas VF-3 VMC, 40" X 20"Y and 25" Z axis Travels
            CT40 Spindle, 15 hp and 7500rpm with High Torque
            two speed gearbox. Equipped with a HAAS 8"
            4th axis Rotary Table

 Qty: 2 Haas VF-1, 22"X 16"Y and 18" Z axis travels
            CT40 Spindle, 10 HP and 7500 RPM

 Qty: 1 Smithy 1240 Series 1 Open Bed CNC Mill
 Qty: 1  Bridgeport Knee Mill Manual Milling Machine