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Cohagan Engineering is a world class Mechanical Design/ Engineering firm specializing in product development for a variety of industries including Military and Aerospace. What sets Cohagan Engineering apart from other design firms is its complete design/build prototyping CNC Machine shop capability.

Cohagan Engineering offers one stop product design and research /development including prototyping thus allowing our customers to deal with one vendor for all aspects of product development. Our customers no longer have to procure from multiple vendors for design services, engineering and prototyping.

Cohagan Engineering also provides CAD Design, Product Development, Product Design, UAV Design, UGV Design and 2D to 3D conversion services.

CAD Design

CAD Design, 2D to 3D Conversions and more!

Product Development

Conceptual Product Development


UAV Design

UAV Design, UAV Development, UAV Engineering

UGV Design

UGV Design, UGV Development, UGV Engineering


Military Design

Military Design and Development Services

Aerospace Design

Aerospace Design, Aerospace Tooling, GSE


Engine Design

Multi -Fuel Engines, 5cc and up

Welcome to the corporate website of Cohagan Engineering, Inc. Please take a moment to browse our diverse range of products and services on our comprehensive website.

Aerospace and Defense Tooling Division – The Aerospace/ Defense Tooling Division is responsible for all machining requirements of Cohagan Engineering. The Aerospace/Defense Tooling division supplies the United States Air Force, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft and ATAP with high quality Ground Support Equipment including Heaters, Heater Controllers, Pushers/ Pullers, Drifts and Lift Adapters.
Reverse Engineering Division – Our Reverse Engineering services include Manual Reverse Engineering, CMM Cloud Point Reverse Engineering and Laser Scanning Reverse Engineering. We can Replace, Repair and Manufacture Obsolete parts and Assemblies, As well as assist in restoration of rare machinery and components.  
Commercial Machining Division – Commercial customers are processed thru our dynamic online machining quotation system known as the This site allows commercial customers as well as individuals to submit CAD files and/or blueprints for a competitive bid which is completely processed thru the internet.
CAD Design and Engineering – CAD Design and Mechanical Engineering services from one piece prototypes to complex multi level assemblies.Our Mechanical Engineering department handles Material Selection, Finite Element Analysis, Load Calculations and more.
Automation and Motion Control Division- The Automation division manufactures portable machine tools including CNC Milling Machines, CNC Plasma Cutters, 3D Printers as well as Laser Scanners, Cloud Point Probe machines and portable Multi Purpose CNC Machining centers that can Mill, Turn, Scan and 3D Print all in one.


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