An automobile is a mechanical vehicle running on wheels,that is usually propelled by an internal combustion engine. Considering all the consumer goods available in the market, the automobile is one of the good that needs great amount of care in every step of its construction and establishment. It has a very rarefied structure and needs a lot of effort and attention in every phase of its life cycle. This is precisely why a concise and comprehensive design service is offered by the company. This design service includes various services such as initial market research, design specifications, the design and prototyping phase finally developing into a spectacular 3D model of the automobile.

Services like domain knowledge, expertise and experience have almost become extinct in the field of automobile designing. All these services are made available by this company consisting of a large number of highly qualified technicians and highly experienced workers. The domain of services offered by Cohagan Engineering extends to  motorbikes, passenger cars, and heavy land vehicles, off-road vehicles and tractors. This vast spectrum of knowledge is used to produce individual parts of the automobile such as custom designs of chassis and frames,  engine redesign and subsystems like turbo-chargers and superchargers. Having customer satisfaction as the primary motto, Cohagan Engineering provides quality designs while fulfilling design requirements. The highly efficient professional team maintains materials, sourcing, procurement, testing and quality control to the global automotive market.
The large spectrum of work areas can be classified in the following way:
Styling, Colors and Design:
The demand for a product rises in the market based on its concept design, sketches and good aesthetics. All the above demands are met by the work group at Cohagan Engineering. A highly skilled team of  Cohagan help in converting the innovative ideas into designs, then to sketches and finally to developed 3D models.Apart from the above mentioned services, automotive interior designs and luxury designs based on the requirements of the clients is also provided by the team.
Three dimensional modeling:
Cohagan Engineering is staffed with experts who are in sync with the present computer age. There are experts in the field of AutoCAD, Pro-E, Alibre and SolidWorks to provide services of any kind. These experts also keep updating and extending their knowledge and capabilities on the same.  In addition to the above, there are technicians who excel in Adobe illustrator.
There are prototypes created by the company that satisfy the exact need of the clients and produce precise and accurate designs and layouts. The undertaking of quality testing and analysis, and crash testing simulation for the prototypes, remains the crowning glory.
Profuse amount of knowledge exists in the field of designing and simulating vehicle body parts:
The following are the Front and rear Automotive modules created by the company:
1.      Under-body covers, wheel housing and guards, sound insulation chambers, thermal insulation linings
2.      Door trim panels, seats and mounting brackets, instrument panel, dashboard and other components
3.      Roof lining, sun roof, panorama roof design, soft and hard top designs and add-ons
4.      Windscreens, bumpers, air guides for aerodynamics, filter housing systems, noise-isolation and engine compartments in the hood, thermal shields, trunk design and associated components, front and tail lights
5.      Roof modules
6.      Floor and Frame modules
7.      Vehicle subsystems
8.      Air intake systems, emission systems, turbochargers and superchargers
9.      Interior and Vehicle body modules