Does your organization spend large amounts of time and resources on communication of technical data? Do you have numerous blueprints that are tedious to search through, difficult to make changes to and are prone to data loss or destruction? At Cohagan Engineering, we will help you to convert your drawings into electronic format using AutoCAD. This way we help you complete tasks like  (i.e.) archiving, retrieving, copying, editing and sharing of the drawings quite easily.

At Cohagan we integrate various teams with a lot of experience in converting these files - TIF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG to accurate multi-layered electronic file formats such as DWG, DXF, DGN, MCD. CEI’s CAD expertise also includes:
        Raster to vector conversion
        AutoCAD conversion
        MicroStation Conversion
        DWG to DGN
        JPG to DWG Conversion
        MCD, PDF to DWG conversion
Input formats
        AutoCAD files (dwg, dwf&dxf)
        Hand Drawn Sketches
        Scanned Images
        PDF files
        All Images like TIFF, JPEG, BMP
        Inventor (.ipt,)
        Pro-E (.prt, .drw, .asm)
        MDT files
Output formats
        AutoCAD files (dwg, dwf&dxf)
        PDF files
        All Images like TIFF, JPEG, BMP etc.
        Inventor (.ipt, dxf)
        MDT files (dxf).sat, .step, .iges
Pro-E (.prt, .drw, .asm)
        Word file (doc)
        Solid works (.sldprt, slddrw)
CAD Digitization
We at Cohagan Engineering have digitized hand drawings, graphs generated by machines, line illustrations of products, photographs of drawings, blueprints and hand-drawn manufacturing drawing with our team of experienced experts. Other scanned hard copy information or drawing by Cohagan’s skilled draftsmen can also be converted to AutoCAD drawing.
Our Software Expertise
The mechanical engineers and draftsmen at Cohagan Engineering are proficient in the following tools / software:
        AutoDesk products like AutoCAD and Inventor
        Solidworks and CATIA
        Siemens PLM UGS and Solidedge
        PTC Pro/Engineer
Cohagan as a company has a team with rich experience in developing and using a variety of CAD conversion tools (some of them client proprietary) which are widely used for automation of various tasks. These CAD conversion tools that are developed by us provide better accuracy and consistency in the resulting products thereby saving time. Our CAD service engineers are well versed with many standards and codes used across various continents like North America, Australia and Europe.
Managing Large Volumes
Cohagan Engineering is equipped with CAD conversion tools to manage large volumes of hard data sent by our customers for the conversion to electronic data. Our document management systems help us create AutoCAD drawings, arrange and archive them based on logical assembly flow so as to retrieve them easily. Part, assembly, file name conventions, folder structures for storage and layer and font styles are decided based on  discussions with the customer before the start of a project and are adhered to rigorously.
Process flow is designed to include the validation of the quality of input data as well as the output at every stage. It also includes feedback from customer, which is delivered to the respective engineer working on the project, so as to ensure consistency while managing large volumes. Our CAD service engineers have a wide range of  experience in putting together and managing large teams that inevitably complements our processes to handle volumes.