Over the years, Cohagan Engineering has been associated with many companies in the global market, providing them with efficient and exciting consumer product design services.

How are we different?
      Expertise across varied Industry verticals: Our mechanical engineers have in-depth knowledge of the Product Development Lifecycle methodologies, which enables us to perceive the product deeper and also understand your requirements better. From developing the basic idea, to developing a prototype, to testing it under different conditions, to full-scale manufacturing, our mechanical engineers are some of the best in the Industry.
      Testing experience: With state-of-the-art experimental facilities being used, virtual and experimental testing are carried out by our team. Our team of mechanical engineers use tools such as FEA/CFD, experimental methods like optical methods, vibration/acoustics, etc for testing the products under different simulated conditions.
      Manufacturing expertise: It is necessary that the developed product is one that can be sent for large-scale manufacturing and meets the price targets of the customer. Our team of mechanical engineers have tremendous experience in developing such products. With a thorough knowledge about different manufacturing processes, process planning, fixture design and associated areas, our team delivers superior manufacturing solutions, at a reasonable price.
      Efficient Program Management: An effective program management is very important for the successful completion of any project. Even with highly qualified technical personnel, without an effective program management system in place, failure always looms overhead. With our experience in review mechanisms, resource estimation and allocation and cross functional team management, we are able to reach customer requirements successfully and in time. With the level of exposure in high-quality management systems and cost management, you will be provided with products that satisfy both quality and business needs.
A few of our customers like to combine configurations from standard parts and leave the detailed designing part to us. Others provide us with rough conceptual ideas. We understand these rough concepts and by putting into effect, the experience and knowledge that we have gained in this industry, we aim to provide the best product for our customers. The focus is not only on providing what the customer wants, but also understanding the concept to the fullest and provide a wow factor to the product. Some others provide us with an old idea and like us to make it manufacturable. In such cases, we do not just try to make the product manufacturable, but also try to give it an extra push, both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. This enables the product to get closer to becoming manufacturable. If you have a product idea that needs some help, or if you want your core team to focus on important parts of their jobs, we may be able to provide you with all services you require.