Inventions that rocked the world may have been just a lucky accident, but Engineering marvels, that awe everyone, are the result of a planned and systematic approach. All such imposing and mind-blowing structures were once just a drawing on a piece of paper. Over the years, the way these drawings got to be made, have been changing for the better. We have moved on from handmade drawings to complex 3D drawings that are generated using CAD tools.

            2D and 3D mechanical drawings created using such CAD tools are usually expected to adhere to some standard convention for layout, appearance, nomenclature and interpretation. The result is that of accurate drawings which help easy communication among different people involved in the project.
            The Mechanical Engineering team at Cohagan Engineering has helped many customers all over the world, in creating all types of accurate mechanical drawings, from simple floor plans to building blueprints and machine drawings.
            Our company’s team of well-qualified engineers will work with you and help you in developing 2D and 3D drawings according to your project specifications.
            We, at Cohagan Engineering expertise in:
      Computer Aided Design and Drafting
      3D solid modelling
      Material isometrics
      2d drawings of mechanical parts
      Mechanical component drawings
      Plumbing design
      Pressure vessel fabrication
      Diagram of P & I
      Shop design