Since 2008, Cohagan Engineering  has excelled in providing numerous aid in the branches of Technical/Engineering data migration for various globally acclaimed companies. The conversion of the existing CAD data to a unified platform has helped companies to effectively reduce the design to launch time by about 25% and ECN time to almost 50%. The CAD migration system used by Cohagan Engineering helps in substantially reducing the time and the number of errors occurring in the process of re-keying the data from one system to another. It also provides an effective way to cut down the time spent in the process of New Product Introduction (NPI), configuration, the actual design time, the basic inventory costs, and management of change.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, CAD migration system also helps in various other branches. It mainly improves the way a company communicates technical information to a large extent. There are many advantages acquired directly and also indirectly, when the company is effectively able to communicate the technical data to all the required places. Some of these advantages include, the way in which it provides a thrust to the company in moving upward towards a full scale integration in the branch of finance and project / program management tools.The success rate in producing the above benefits has been constantly rising to high levels. This consistent improvement over the field has been a basement for the company throughout the years and has now brought it forward to the top.
The process of CAD migration has not been taken up in the recent times. From the past several years, the company has been rigorously working on the same and has undertaken not only small scale CAD migration but also a huge scale of CAD migration work and has worked in tandem under really dramatic time requirements and has triumphed in achieving the same. As the computer technology has grown leaps and bounds, with time, CAD technology has also grown with it to great levels. With the preternatural growth of the CAD technology, many companies have now started realising the profuse advantages present in the process of unifying their CAD processes into a single CAD system. It is evident from the past success rate that this company is capable of developing an authentic, secured, sturdy and a user friendly CAD migration system that would suit the migration needs of almost all companies.
There are many projects that have been successfully completed by this company within the given time frame. Complex projects have been simplified and handled with ease by the technical experts of this company. The exuberant experience of the CAD specialists of this company in their field has been one of the most important factors why the company has remained the best in CAD migration for the past few decades. The CAD specialists of the company have enough experience in handling complex and unmanageable projects and the predicaments that sprout out in them.  There are a wide range of specialities attributed to the CAD experts of the company. Some of them are that, They access legacy data as and when required and reuse the existing designs regardless of the source CAD system.
There are a lot of benefits in choosing this company for the CAD system integration. Their services include taking complete care of the migration process and helping in the seamless transfer of CAD data into the desired common CAD platform, to name a few. The additional benefits include, the facilitation of large-scale CAD migration, which would inturn help in reducing the excess expenditure that would occur in the future for maintaining separate CAD systems.
CAD Migration services offered:
The enterprise level CAD migration services, aid in the conversion of a large spectrum of CAD system platforms to one single platform.The following are the CAD migration platforms offered:
1.      CAD migration services
2.      Alibre Design Professional
3.      Pro/E Wildfire
4.      Siemens PLM
5.      Autodesk AutoCAD
6.      Autodesk Inventor
Software Tools and Technologies Expertise:
The intramural mechanical engineers posses proficiency in standard CAD systems and softwares like the following:
       Siemens Solid Edge 2D
        Autodesk AutoCAD and 3D CAD systems
        Autodesk Inventor
       Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks
       Dassault Systemes CATIA V4 & V5
       Siemens Unigraphics / NX
       Alibre Design
       PTC Pro/Engineer – Pro/E
Thus, the unification of various migration processes using CAD systems is direly essential, and this company is tailor-made for the same, and choosing this company for the above will bring out extraordinarily profitable results.