Customers to the global level have experienced many advantages and profits through this company. In any kind of construction, the main processes that consume huge amount of money and labour is the material, manufacturing, power to weight ratio output, safety measures, waste management, etc. There are many more unmentioned advantages in using this value engineering services. Material cost can be cut down by 10% through topological optimization. Manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced by shifting to a fabricated structure from a cast structure. Power to weight ratio can be improved by a considerable amount by using a less dense material (Declared structurally by finite element analysis). Labor cost can be reduced to half through renovation and change of design of the assembly fixtures and also increasing the output throughout.Safety measures can be increased and improved in the assembly process by adopting better ergonomics in the assembly processes.Waste can be reduced to a significant level and raw material can be recycled through better design and the right placement of runners and risers in a mould.

To avail the above profits, the most important of all is the availability of efficient and experienced workers in the field who have in depth knowledge about the subject and the project assigned. To obtain a complete profit, it is also essential that high technology tools like FEA software and the desired level of infrastructure are made available to the workers in the course of the project. The availability of highly qualified and experienced mechanical engineers, project leaders and domain experts add a feather to the company’s cap. Another asset that the company possesses is that these workers and engineers have access to the world’s most sophisticated, advanced and best infrastructure possible.
The following are some examples of the tools that are made available:
       FEA / Fluid Dynamics: Ansys, MSC Nastran, CFX, Fluent
       Experimental testing: Optical methods, strain gauging, vibration testing (B&K / LMS)
       Material testing: Chemical / X-ray spectroscopy analysis
       Life testing: Knowledge of HALT / HAST methodology and thermal / electrical cycling equipment
       Rapid prototyping: SLA / SLS / STL technology based RP machines
Some of the fields in which the team is highly experienced are the phases of the product development cycle - concept design, detailed design, prototyping and testing / validation, and full scale production. With the above qualifications, these team members are able to suit to all projects and also satisfy the client’s needs to the fullest extent. The following are some examples of value engineering carried out by this highly efficient team:
       Intake and exhaust valve design optimization for an automobile engine using thermal - fluid flow - structural analysis resulting in greater efficiency of product.
       Mold-flow analysis to optimize of gating and risers / runners for a consumer goods plastic part, increasing yield.
       Reduction of material and shifting of natural frequencies to a range inaccessible for normal functioning, resulting in greater reliability and increase in life.
To avail the benefits of constant growth and unimaginable level of profit, The best and the most advisable way is to entrust the project to this team and gain the maximum.

 How does it feel when you are about to shift a part of manufacturing work to another firm and lately found you do not have the required drawings for the work? Have you found it difficult to change an assembly because you lacked proper and efficient drawings for the same? Are you having trouble with the local shops that do not provide you with the engineering work which you want? Are you the person with a lot of ideas and models but do not have the exact and detailed hard copies? You do not have to worry anymore but just let us know what kind of drawings you require and we will have it in no time for you!

We have worked with a wide scale of customers with so many different ideas and different range of complexity in designs. We have always have a solution for your manufacturing drawings. Our work involves Class A surfaces and also consumer goods that have heavy electronics. Our team has experience in working with forgings, castings and injection molded parts. The parts that we handled have been too small or sometimes too big in dimensions.
We follow state of the art technology and hence the reverse engineering services are quick, neat and reliable.
We have a team of skilled people who are specialists in various domains. Our team of mechanical engineers have very good industrial experience in terms of manufacturing manufacturing as well as product development. Complex products are designed and prototyped by our competent staff. Some examples to site are automotive castings, cast components that are used in engines of aircraft, medical equipment, consumer electronic products and designs in the field of aerospace. 

 Every institution around the world carries out various engineering designs and projects. But how successful they are at the project is determined by three main factors  planning the work, forecasting and the most important, the effective management of the work in progress. Many companies suffer due to a lack of project management tools. They are not interested in the products available in the market due to their drawbacks like exorbitant cost and the complexity in installation and usage. There are cost effective and efficient project management tools and services available at Cohagan Engineering, which help in making project management extremely simple.

The main focus of this company is on the mechanical engineering aspect of various industries. Cohagan Engineering  aims at providing great services to companies that aid in increasing their production levels. There are various tools and services provided by Cohagan,of which one of the most significant tool is the Multiple Project Data Management Solution. This tool when used in the right manner by experts can help the companies manage multiple engineering projects on a single platform. Cohagan Engineering focuses on customer satisfaction and thus has developed the capability to  customize their products according to the needs of the clients. Our organisation also offers the service of creating totally new project solutions for the companies. With highly skilled professionals and veterans in the designing field having in depth knowledge about the stream,Cohagan engineering has been able to create the best services possible.

Project Management Tools and Services
There are a profuse number of tools and services offered in the stream of project management, some of which are as follows:
       Having complete control on the progress of the project
       Managing timesheets without any delay
       Storing and retrieving huge amount of data and information on the web-based platform
       Giving access to multiple users across the globe
       Generating project management reports on a time to time basis
       Experiencing substantial savings in project management time
       Analyzing project performance and take corrective measures
       Communicating effectively within your team
       Streamlining your tasks
       Scheduling projects and implement project collaboration
       Making accurate forecasts and estimates about project completion
       Taking the clients into confidence about your services with your streamlined project planning and execution process
       Integrating client interaction and manage customer feedback into the system
       Being assured about security of data management online
Using the Tools and Services for Smart Project Cycle Management
There are some mind boggling services offered by this company which would be obtained nowhere else.The following are some of the tools and services offered by this company:
       Assured security of information
       Expert team of mechanical engineers to help you at any stage
       24x7 customer support and resolution of issues
       Quick turnaround time
       Considerable savings in cost and time
       Effective project management services

 Does your organization spend large amounts of time and resources on communication of technical data? Do you have numerous blueprints that are tedious to search through, difficult to make changes to and are prone to data loss or destruction? At Cohagan Engineering, we will help you to convert your drawings into electronic format using AutoCAD. This way we help you complete tasks like  (i.e.) archiving, retrieving, copying, editing and sharing of the drawings quite easily.

At Cohagan we integrate various teams with a lot of experience in converting these files - TIF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG to accurate multi-layered electronic file formats such as DWG, DXF, DGN, MCD. CEI’s CAD expertise also includes:
        Raster to vector conversion
        AutoCAD conversion
        MicroStation Conversion
        DWG to DGN
        JPG to DWG Conversion
        MCD, PDF to DWG conversion
Input formats
        AutoCAD files (dwg, dwf&dxf)
        Hand Drawn Sketches
        Scanned Images
        PDF files
        All Images like TIFF, JPEG, BMP
        Inventor (.ipt,)
        Pro-E (.prt, .drw, .asm)
        MDT files
Output formats
        AutoCAD files (dwg, dwf&dxf)
        PDF files
        All Images like TIFF, JPEG, BMP etc.
        Inventor (.ipt, dxf)
        MDT files (dxf).sat, .step, .iges
Pro-E (.prt, .drw, .asm)
        Word file (doc)
        Solid works (.sldprt, slddrw)
CAD Digitization
We at Cohagan Engineering have digitized hand drawings, graphs generated by machines, line illustrations of products, photographs of drawings, blueprints and hand-drawn manufacturing drawing with our team of experienced experts. Other scanned hard copy information or drawing by Cohagan’s skilled draftsmen can also be converted to AutoCAD drawing.
Our Software Expertise
The mechanical engineers and draftsmen at Cohagan Engineering are proficient in the following tools / software:
        AutoDesk products like AutoCAD and Inventor
        Solidworks and CATIA
        Siemens PLM UGS and Solidedge
        PTC Pro/Engineer
Cohagan as a company has a team with rich experience in developing and using a variety of CAD conversion tools (some of them client proprietary) which are widely used for automation of various tasks. These CAD conversion tools that are developed by us provide better accuracy and consistency in the resulting products thereby saving time. Our CAD service engineers are well versed with many standards and codes used across various continents like North America, Australia and Europe.
Managing Large Volumes
Cohagan Engineering is equipped with CAD conversion tools to manage large volumes of hard data sent by our customers for the conversion to electronic data. Our document management systems help us create AutoCAD drawings, arrange and archive them based on logical assembly flow so as to retrieve them easily. Part, assembly, file name conventions, folder structures for storage and layer and font styles are decided based on  discussions with the customer before the start of a project and are adhered to rigorously.
Process flow is designed to include the validation of the quality of input data as well as the output at every stage. It also includes feedback from customer, which is delivered to the respective engineer working on the project, so as to ensure consistency while managing large volumes. Our CAD service engineers have a wide range of  experience in putting together and managing large teams that inevitably complements our processes to handle volumes.

 Do you have a concept in mind and would like concept drawings made? Does your company need help with any aspect of mechanical drawing or making manufacturing drawings from entire assemblies that are already in 3D formats to 2D CAD? Would you like to add Geometric Dimensioning and tolerance information, associate notes, annotations and Bill of Material to an engineering drawing? Would you like to use the flexibility that parametric modeling can bring to managing design or configuration changes to your product?

Cohagan Engineering is your one stop shop for all the above and much more. Our mechanical engineers provide innovative, inventive and cost effective 2d drafting services and structural drafting services to worldwide clients. We work with our clients to create prototype models, reengineered parts and various new tools using powerful CAD software.
What kind of value addition can Cohagan Engineering make while providing CAD drafting services to you?
The need of the hour is to provide mechanical drawings that are editable in no time, easy to archive, retrieve and customize.  These have to be integrated with parts and assemblies; should lend flexibility and speed to the CAD design process.  It should offer greater control of the design cycle through parametric drawing approach and layer management.  CAD is used in the design of tools and machinery and in the drafting and design of all types of architectural and engineering drawings.
Cohagan Engineering's engineers strive to deliver seamless drafting services. Our expert team of professionals specializes in remodeling, resizing and scaling of existing drawings of any kind of part and assembly. Our modeling services enable product visualization that enhances audience's imaginative capability. Cohagan Engineering has been instrumental in improving the design process of many of its customers.
Advantages of Using Electronic Drawings
        Optimize the space used to archive drawings
        Archive resources used in drawings
        Optimize the retrieval time of mechanical drawings and enable quick modifications
        Enhance the level of details displayed through exploded and sectional views
        Provide remote access and share drawing through mail clients, WebEx, etc
        Ensure that changes to one part are reflected correspondingly in the others also
Tools of Expertise
        Alibre Design Professional
Our mechanical engineers bring in their domain knowledge from a spectrum of fields like Aerospace, Automobile and Marine, Food processing, HVAC, Piping and ducting industries and Healthcare devices.  This diversity in skill sets provides a pool of resources adept at handling various kinds of projects.
Perhaps what differentiates us is our project management, normally the weakest link in outsourcing drafting services.  Standardized processes are followed meticulously to ensure transparency with clients.  Project planning, design, implementation and reviews are periodically carried out to deliver high quality drafting and design services.