Customers to the global level have experienced many advantages and profits through this company. In any kind of construction, the main processes that consume huge amount of money and labour is the material, manufacturing, power to weight ratio output, safety measures, waste management, etc. There are many more unmentioned advantages in using this value engineering services. Material cost can be cut down by 10% through topological optimization. Manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced by shifting to a fabricated structure from a cast structure. Power to weight ratio can be improved by a considerable amount by using a less dense material (Declared structurally by finite element analysis). Labor cost can be reduced to half through renovation and change of design of the assembly fixtures and also increasing the output throughout.Safety measures can be increased and improved in the assembly process by adopting better ergonomics in the assembly processes.Waste can be reduced to a significant level and raw material can be recycled through better design and the right placement of runners and risers in a mould.

To avail the above profits, the most important of all is the availability of efficient and experienced workers in the field who have in depth knowledge about the subject and the project assigned. To obtain a complete profit, it is also essential that high technology tools like FEA software and the desired level of infrastructure are made available to the workers in the course of the project. The availability of highly qualified and experienced mechanical engineers, project leaders and domain experts add a feather to the company’s cap. Another asset that the company possesses is that these workers and engineers have access to the world’s most sophisticated, advanced and best infrastructure possible.
The following are some examples of the tools that are made available:
       FEA / Fluid Dynamics: Ansys, MSC Nastran, CFX, Fluent
       Experimental testing: Optical methods, strain gauging, vibration testing (B&K / LMS)
       Material testing: Chemical / X-ray spectroscopy analysis
       Life testing: Knowledge of HALT / HAST methodology and thermal / electrical cycling equipment
       Rapid prototyping: SLA / SLS / STL technology based RP machines
Some of the fields in which the team is highly experienced are the phases of the product development cycle - concept design, detailed design, prototyping and testing / validation, and full scale production. With the above qualifications, these team members are able to suit to all projects and also satisfy the client’s needs to the fullest extent. The following are some examples of value engineering carried out by this highly efficient team:
       Intake and exhaust valve design optimization for an automobile engine using thermal - fluid flow - structural analysis resulting in greater efficiency of product.
       Mold-flow analysis to optimize of gating and risers / runners for a consumer goods plastic part, increasing yield.
       Reduction of material and shifting of natural frequencies to a range inaccessible for normal functioning, resulting in greater reliability and increase in life.
To avail the benefits of constant growth and unimaginable level of profit, The best and the most advisable way is to entrust the project to this team and gain the maximum.